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Sell more using Facebook

Live shopping is the perfect way to increase your sales while interacting with your customers locally and directly.

“Yes Plz” offers maximizes your sales via posts on your Facebook page.

Personalize your sales with SHOPRS – Live Shopping made Simple

Yes Plz comment sale / LIVE Shopping

How it works:

Live overlays

Use our App to stream Live to Facebook and turn your overlays on/off while you record. Overlays presents the title, image, price and trigger words in a fashionable style.

  • No more hasseling with notes or signs.

  • Quit the clunky Streaming software

  • No need to be an expert to record

The SHOPRS LIVE app connects to SHOPRS, giving you the freedom to record and present your products simultaneously.

New health and safety concerns kick off new sales channels

Over the past few years we have seen a clear trend in Live Shopping.

A lot of shops have started broadcasting live when they need to have a personal contact with their customers.

A clothing store can easily sell for over $16,000 in a single Livestream Shopping session via Facebook per week.

What can SHOPRS do for you?

Livestream Shopping

Livestream shopping

With Live shopping, you broadcast live via Facebook. Live shopping combines the personal experience of shopping with the convenience of online shopping.

SHOPRS handles chat, orders, inventory and payment in connection with live sales. Your customers will automatically receive Messenger messages as well as a shopping cart with a payment link.

Yes Plz comment sale

"Yes Plz" comment sale

Convert posts on your Facebook page into sales.
Just comment “Yes Plz”, and SHOPRS registers the customer’s purchase and keeps track of stock and orders.

Your customers will automatically receive a Messenger message with a shopping cart and a payment link.
“Yes Plz” comment sales is an easy and simple way to sell your products through social media.

Easy upsell for you

Easy upsell for you

Live shopping and “Yes Plz” comment sale are the perfect way to increase your sales while interacting with your customers locally and directly.

Both are a powerful complement to existing physical (and digital) sales, including customer events and the launch of new products.

Your followers can sit at home and buy your products directly while following your page and / or your Live shopping event.

Save time

Livestream shopping is present and personal.

You can easily talk about product characteristics, quality, sizes, colors, etc. and anyone watching your live show can ask questions about the product or ask to see it from a different angle.

At the same time, you and your customers save time, as it is quick and easy to order.

Save time
Livestream now!​

Livestream now!

Jump the wave of this new digital Live Shopping opportunity, to achieve the best of both worlds with personal online sales.

Create experiences for your customers by giving them an interactive retail experience similar to the one they get in your store.

Contact us today and we will help you get started broadcasting Live to your followers.

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Packages & Pricing


Best for start-ups
$ 39 monthly
  • Live shopping
  • Comment sale
  • Order registration
  • Inventory management
  • Credit card payment
  • Cart with payment link
  • Free Support Chat / Mail


Advanced live sales
$ 79 monthly
  • All from START-UP +
  • Shipping integration
  • Shopify integration*
  • API

Custom Packages

Best for advanced customers
  • All from PRO +
  • Webshop integration
  • API / File exchange
  • Currency management
  • Dedicated success manager

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