Managing your sales

Event list
In the Comment Sale and the Live Sale menu you will find the list of past and scheduled events.

Select an event and click the Detail button.

Event details
Each page has three different sections:

Post Preview – a preview of the Facebook post
Selected Products – a list of the products selected for the event
Orders – a list of orders placed on this event

Post Preview

This is the preview of the post including the publish and end time for the event.

Selected products

This is a list of the products selected to the event.
You can add products by clicking the Add product button.
You can edit the products on the list by clicking the Edit button.


PAID – the order is paid by the customer
RESERVED – order is NOT completed by customer yet
EXPIRED – order is expired and can’t be completed

Shipping Status
PENDING – the order is not shipped
FULFILLED– the order is shipped

Note: Shipping status only works if you have Shipstation connected.

Order Details
When you click Details form the order list you will see the full details of the order.
You can export the order by clicking Export to Excel

Contact Sales

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