In settings you need to setup how we interact with the page.

Note: Settings are specific to each Facebook page.
This means if you have multiple pages, you need to configure your settings for each page.

General Settings
View and update your general settings

Currency – select the currency you will be selling in

Time zone – select the time zone of which the event will occur

Language – select the language of checkout and cart page

Item Settings
View and update your item settings

Continue selling when out of stock
Yes: The inventory check will be disabled, and there is no limit to how many your customers can buy
No: The inventoru check will be enabled, and you can only reserve/sell the quantity on hand. This is set when you create the event.

Note: Inventory levels can be adjusted from the event page.
When the limit is reached for a specific item the customer will receive the Sold Out message

Maximum quantity in a single reservation
You can set the quantity customer can buy of each item.

Note: Great for low stock items and to avoid customers typing large quantities by mistake.

Checkout Settings
View and update your checkout settings

Reservation expire time
Ste the number of hours that customers can comment / buy from an event.

Note: Your event will still be visible on your Facebook timeline, but if you comment on the event SHOPRS will not repy.

Order Prefix
Set a prefix for the order numbers.
SPR- will give you order numbers like SPR-00001, SPR-00002

Confirmation email
Yes: The order confirmation will be sent to the customer by email
No: No order confirmation mail will be sent

Shipping and Delivery
View and update your shipping and delivery settings

Order minimum amount for free shipping
This amount determines when a customer is charged for shipping.
If the value is 99.00, all orders above 99.00 will not have a shipping charge.

Shipping price
Shipping price is the cost added to the cart at checkout.

Payment Gateway
View and update your Payment Gateway settings

Select your payment gateway, either Strip (US & Worldwide) or Quickpay (DK & Europe).
Add the STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY and STRIPE_SECRET_KEY from your stripe account.
If you don’t have a Stripe account already sign up here.

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