Yes Plz comment selling on social media

Save time and sell more with automatic “Yes Plz” comment sale.

Yes Plz comment selling is your opportunity to create posts on your Facebook page from which you can advertise with a good offer to your followers.

When customers answer “Yes Plz”, SHOPRS registers the customer’s purchases and keeps track of inventory and orders. Your customers will automatically receive a Messenger message with shopping basket and a payment link.

Yes Plz comment sale

Features in "Yes Plz" Comment Selling

Yes Plz comment selling

Easily and quickly create Yes Plz comment posts on your Facebook


Your customers order and comment in the Facebook thread - easily and quickly.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart is updated automatically when the customer comments "Yes Plz"


Payment with a wide range of credit cards.

Time management

Customers can order as long as your post is active.

Automatic answer

Automatic replies in the Facebook thread & in Messenger when customers orders.

Inventory management

SHOPRS keeps track of your inventory and sold out items.


Select for customers to pick up or to have the goods sent.


SHOPRS is integrated with all your Facebook pages.

Getting started with "Yes Plz" Comment Selling

Connect to SHOPRS

The first thing you need to do is create an account with us.

Then log in with your Facebook login.

Now SHOPRS and your Facebook page(s) are connected.

Connect to SHOPRS
Get ready for your live Sale

Get ready for your "Yes Plz" Comment Sale

You can now create your post with your “Yes Plz” Comment offer exactly as you wish. As a picture or a video, all depending on what you want.

“Yes Plz” comment selling can be used by all kinds of shops, whether you sell clothes, jewelry, food, household appliances, handicrafts, or whatever you sell in your store.

On our setup page you will find options for credit card payments.

Look in the calendar

Create your “Yes Plz” post to go online right away, or schedule your post at a specific time and date in the future.

Your followers see your post when it goes online and Facebook makes sure that more and more people are exposed to your “Yes Plz” comment post as people start commenting on it.

Look in the calendar
See you sales

See your sales

While your post is live you can see how many items have been sold.

When your customers comment “Yes Plz”, we send an electronic shopping cart immediately, so they can quickly and easily pay for thier items.

You decide whether your customers should pick up their purchace in your store or have them sent home.

Congratulations on your "Yes Plz" Comment sale!

You have now made your first Yes Plz Comment sale and we are sure it was a great success.

Now all that is left is to deliver the goods to your customers and count the money.

We wish you all the best of luck. Sign up now, so you can also generate additional sales and more customer loyalty, with this new and easy way to sell on social media.

Congratulations on your Live sale!

Packages & pricing


Best for start-ups
$ 39 monthly
  • Live shopping
  • Comment sale
  • Order registration
  • Inventory management
  • Credit card payment
  • Cart with payment link
  • Free Support Chat / Mail


Advanced live sales
$ 79 monthly
  • All from START-UP +
  • Shipping integration
  • Shopify integration
  • API

Custom Packages

Best for advanced customers
  • All from PRO +
  • Webshop integration
  • API / File exchange
  • Currency management
  • Dedicated success manager

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